Drop in anytime to grab Take-Out!!

Of course painting in our studio is a TON of fun but it’s not always the best option for you. We understand completely. That’s why we have a “To-Go” option just for you!

HOW – Drop in anytime during our normal business hours and let us know you would like to grab things to go.

POTTERY/PAINTS/ETC – Pick your pottery and paint colors from the many available studio selections. Be sure to let us know if you need paint brushes for an additional charge. You can use brushes from home, just be sure they are clean and free of other mediums as that can create issues on your pottery. Pottery choices vary greatly but we always have hundreds of items! We will pack everything up for you and include an instruction sheet. Be sure to check our YouTube channel and other sources for paint inspiration and instruction.

COST – $8 Studio Fee per piece (cost of paints, glazing and firing) plus the cost of the pieces you pick. Pieces range in price from around $17/20 and up.

FINISHED – Drop off your items during any normal business hours. We recommend within the week of picking up your items so the paint doesn’t dry out.

PICKING UP – All items are ready 7 days from the day you dropped off so just swing by and grab them at your convenience.  We can hold all items up to a month but after that (and a reminder call) all items will be tossed if you do not arrange an extension or to have them shipped.

PAINT REFILLS – FREE of charge, just drop in to get what you need.

Our “To-Go” options are great for those needing to mind their health, larger groups in need of location based projects, hand/footprint art from home, those with sensory issues who have trouble navigating our loud/busy studio or just those looking for a fun at home hobby!