STORM CLOSINGS? All studio closures will be announced via our social media pages. Please also note – In some cases your pieces may be delayed a day in firing due to closings. If in doubt, please call ahead regarding piece pickup availability.

BYOB?  YES!  Feel free to bring in beer/wine/drinks and snacks to keep you fueled.  Be sure to check out our neighbors here at Thompson's Point for those goodies as they have options you do NOT want to miss!

FINISHED PIECES - All items are ready in 5 days so set a phone alarm to remind yourself to drop in and grab them on that date. We can hold items up to 3 month but after that (and 3 reminder calls) all items will be tossed if you do not arrange an extension or shipping of the items.

UNATTENDED KIDS?  You may NOT leave your small children unattended in our studio.  Teenagers may paint unaccompanied if they have cell phones and proper timely rides. 

NON-PAINTERS?  Please note we cannot accommodate more than 1 or 2 non painters per group.  Just as you wouldn't patron a restaurant and request to have a space for 8 with only 3 dining, please use the same etiquette here to be respectful of our shop and other painters.  Our studio is for painting and gets fairly busy at times. It is not possible to accommodate many bystanders who will not be seated at the painting tables.

GRATUITY? Please note - a gratuity of 15% is added to groups of 6 or more painters.

OTHER QUESTIONS?  Feel free to message us at portland@colormemine.com